Land Survey field exercise

Civil engineering juniors using auto-levels to shoot grade points for differential leveling.


Recently, Freshmen Biology students at AACAL completed a Project Based Learning project learning about Biomes.  Their charge was to create a specific Biome found on Earth that could equally be functional in space.  This was an enriching and collaborative project that due to its highly engaging nature, pulled the students into the learning.  There were many exemplary projects presented by the Biology students.  Take the time to click the two links below to see an example of what our AACAL Biology students in Mrs. Gromek's Pre-AP Biology classes created.

PROJECT #1                
Talon Lewis
 Talon's achievement article

Texas Career Check

Texas Workforce Commission is pleased to announce the addition of an interactive learning activity called Pop-a-Job to

Students solve randomly selected occupation title puzzles, exposing them to new and interesting careers.  As they solve the puzzles, the occupation titles are listed at the bottom of the screen.  They can click on the titles and Texas Career Check will take the student to the Occupation Summary where they view the job description, annual wages, employment rate, education level, endorsement and other important information needed in career exploration.  While the student is in Texas Career Check, they can research other job titles, career clusters, Foundation High School Program endorsement areas, or keywords. They can also research any college or university in the U.S. by searching institution names, states or programs of study.             _______________________________________________________________



 AISD Partners with Virtual Drive

Amarillo ISD has partnered with Virtual Drive to offer a more affordable option for online drivers education for students.  Virtual Drive and AISD know that Driver Education is important. Sign up now for your discount and to help Amarillo ISD earn money at the same time.

Virtual Drive Information



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